03 wooden picture frame

Decorated gift wrap gifts, gift bags, sample brochures, wooden packing box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
Now people gift ideas in addition to personalized, fashionable change, a few gifts that have high culture become a market darling. As gift packaging, both to protect goods, commodity information, the basic function such as selling goods, also carrying the message, the emotional communication between people, improve the grade of the gift. Under the trend of environmental protection, wooden gift box is not exceptional also catch the fashion. Materials packaging, ring kang not only, also reflected from the natural beauty, the beauty of the harmony of man and nature. Made of cedar, camphorwood various box, box saving pens, ink, the article such as books, paintings, inkstone, elegant scroll breath immediately, and the effect of the wood itself also has insect-resistant moth-proofing. Made of redwood jewelry box, enduring the original wood color, deserve to go up the collectors of classic breath, multilayer separated intimate design, make each jewelry it is comfortable. Bamboo growth cycle is short, strong ability, using bamboo instead of wood, forest protection, processing procedure and low carbon environmental protection, favored by many fashion people. Made of bamboo bamboo box, light color ferula box body, elegant, durable. Product recommendation: gift package
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