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Decoration design elements of wooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Wooden box packaging has the effect of promoting sales and recommending products with its own charm. How to lift off the medicine
The wooden box packaging design plays a decisive role in inspiring and promoting the sales of medicines. The designer should grasp the design concept,
Using design elements to design pharmaceutical packaging, packaging design elements include information requirements and image requirements.
The information required for wooden box packaging design includes: title information, brand information, product information and producer
1. Title information elements: the form of expression is based on company name, brand name, name meaning, product form, product
Personal attributes, corporate philosophy and other content are the theme of performance.
2. Brand information elements: it is a supplement to the performance of the logo; it has the function of product marking; good language is conducive to
Memory; catchy reading.
3. Product information elements: product name, product form, material, function, usage, product specification, model,
Batch number, standard number, shelf life, production date, bar code, etc. Product grade, grade, attribute characteristics.

4. Producer information elements: producer (manufacturer); address; telephone; telephone; postal code; website.

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The design rhythm and rhythm of the lacquered wooden box is a kind of rational, orderly, and

The beauty of form with regular changes. Symmetry and the beauty of balance Symmetry has a solemn, generous, and stable beauty. General performance

In a symmetrical form. There are two forms of balance, one is static balance, and static balance is equal and unequal, with

There is a sense of movement and quietness. The other is dynamic balance, which is lively and changeable, in this kind of lively and lively laughter.

The beauty of balance is found in the asymmetry of
The appearance of the cosmetic wooden box container belongs to the industrial shape. In addition to meeting the needs of beauty, the content has
The physical and chemical properties should be considered in terms of materials, protection, transportation, anti-counterfeiting and many other aspects.
Sickles, boxes, bags, tubes to achieve vacuum, aseptic, moisture-proof, irritation-proof, light-proof and other protection and storage purposes. As phlegm is easy to clean
(Acetylcysteine) should not be in contact with metal, rubber, oxidant, oxygen, so the design of the sprayer should use glass
Or plastic material. For medicines containing components that decompose when exposed to light, brown bottles should be used. From the point of view of convenience
Consider, maximize the convenience of use,
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