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Decoupage tin containers: Using recycled materials to make gift boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-12
Make your own gift box by using recycled materials, save money and go green this holiday season.Through this simple project, tin containers and wrapping paper fragments are transformed into beautiful Christmas gift boxes that your friends like to receive and reuse.This is an interesting project that the whole family will like.
Using recycled materials for crafts is a great way to save money and reduce waste.: Recycling tin containers for packaging tea, biscuits and popcorn.(Anyone associated with Scouts should be familiar with the pots of flowers in the Scout annual fundraising event.
: This is a good use for used wrapping paper and all the small pieces left after wrapping the gift.Make sure the tin container is clean and free of dust.If necessary, wipe with a damp cloth and dry completely before starting the decoupling.
Remove the lid from the tin container and leave it.Cut or tear small pieces with wrapping paper.The torn edges will mix better, and cutting is the best if you want a specific shape or image.
Try the combination of cutting and tearing.When working in a small part, apply a thick layer of decoupling media to the tin container with a foam brush.Apply a piece of wrapping paper to the coupling medium.
Start with your finger from the center of the paper all the way to the edge, smooth the paper and remove any bubbles or wrinkles.Keeping the nearby damp cloth helps to clean your fingers from time to time and wipe any additional de-coupling media.Continue to apply the wrapping paper and overlap the wrapping paper until the entire part is covered.
Continue to use the other part of the container until the container is fully covered with paper.Let the decoupling medium dry.When the first coating of the exfoliating medium is dried, apply the second coating on the entire container and allow for overnight drying.Apply an acrylic spray on the container and completely dry before replacing the lid.
Add a bow on the lid if needed.
Make a gift label by cutting a small piece from an old Christmas card (make sure to use a part of the card with no text or text on the back so you can add to/from the information ).Punch a hole in the corner of the gift label using paper and attach it to the lid of the container with gold thread.Use a decoupled gift box packed with homemade snacks such as cookies or fudge.
Hand-made gifts such as Christmas tree decorations, please use a decoupled gift box..If you\'re sending cash or gift cards, put it in a small decoupled gift box full of candy and give the box some weight.Fill the recycled can with comfortable hats, scarves and gloves.
Make a box with a child\'s scrapsTheme wrapping paper, stuffed with stuffed animals.They\'re not just for Christmas.Make gift boxes for birthdays, wedding gifts, Mother\'s Day and other gifts using different styles of wrapping paperFor the occasion.Green Christmas dream: Ecology
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