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Delicate wooden gift boxes than the ordinary wooden box: what is the cause of your price?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
As is known to all, commercially valuable commodities generally adopts comparative exquisite wooden gift boxes, and some businesses choose ordinary wooden box, however, not only reduces the sales of the product, but also to the influence of the enterprise is not good, so many businessmen chose the functional diversity, appearance elegant wooden gift box. But this type of wooden gift box prices are relatively common. So this is what reason? First of all, the most exquisite wooden gift boxes are wooden gift box, usually need to manually or part needs to be done manually. Handmade slow, artificial cost is high. While the ordinary wooden box is large quantities of factory production, the cost is low. Second, delicate wooden gift boxes are pasting box, by pasting on the outside of the cardboard or wood, high quality art paper or cloth, leather binding to achieve the effect of design, materials and a lot more than ordinary wooden box. Ordinary wooden boxes are generally or corrugated carton wooden packing box, material cost is very low. , delicate wooden gift box is generally need to match the right lining, lining production costs can also account for a large part of wooden gift box, and sometimes cost is higher than production of wooden gift box. To sum up, the above content is detailed described, delicate wooden gift boxes more expensive than ordinary wooden box. Dear friends what Suggestions, can seek advice from our hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD.
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