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Design' The moon cake wooden gift box 】 Considerations?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-09
Moon cake wooden gift box is a kind of packaging materials, packaging of moon cakes in gifts, is short of little not. So manufacturers in design time type of wooden packing box, need to take into account the following several aspects of the? The appearance of the first, of course, is the moon cake wooden gift box design, a witness of sales and brand moon cakes wooden gift boxes custom design layout, certainly, a grasp on the market a lot of design layout, corny, sales and brand more impossible. Heng tai packaging for moon cake wooden packaging market in recent years to develop the design of the general direction of the second, is the material aspect, in today's increasingly pay attention to health and environmental protection, the moon cake wooden gift boxes of material is particularly important, not only requires material to accord with environmental protection, and it also requires easily degraded recycling, material to human body does not produce any more requirements, in accordance with QS standards. Heng tai for food packaging manufacturer wooden packing box, the base material is use food grade material production, let you choose and buy the moon cake packaging use at ease. Later, in addition, the selected moon cake production and delivery of wooden gift boxes custom manufacturer ability can not be ignored. Ability is the foundation of production and delivery of choice have credibility and service experienced manufacturer is the premise.
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