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Design' The wooden packing box 】 Consumers need to be taken into account what kind of psychology?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-28
Ensure that products in the transportation, improve the grade of the product of wooden packing box, can be classified according to the material, have the following types: paper box, tin box, wooden box, cloth box, leather box, acrylic box, corrugated wooden packing box, PVC box, etc. So the designers in the design of wood packing box, is the need to take into account the various psychological of consumers. 1, realistic psychology most consumers in the consumer is the main characteristics in the process of practical psychology, think the wooden packing box of the actual utility, hope to use convenient, cheap and fine goods, do not deliberately pursue beautiful appearance and style of novel. 2, the psychological have certain economic bear ability of the consumer, generally there is the psychological, pay attention to the modelling of goods itself and external packaging, is pay attention to the artistic value of goods. 3, achieves psychological hold dissimilation, consumer groups, think goods and wooden packaging design is very important, pay attention to novel, unique, have individual character, which requires the modelling of packing, color, graphics, etc, more fashion, more halfback, and the use value of the goods and the price is not very care about. 4, conformity conformity consumers, willing to cater to popular culture or a celebrity style, this kind of consumer groups of ages span bigger, because all kinds of media of fashion and celebrity's trumpeted the formation of this kind of psychological behavior. Therefore, packaging design should grasp the popular trend, or directly by customers favorite products image spokesperson, enhance confidence in goods. 5, no matter which kind of consumer psychology of certain of psychology, attaches great importance to the commodity brand, the well-known brands have a sense of trust and loyalty. In the economic conditions allow, even in spite of the high price of the goods and determined. Therefore, the packaging design to establish a good brand image is the key to the success of product sales. In short, the consumption psychology is that many consumers in the design of wood packing box, the need to be taken into account.
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