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Design wooden gift boxes of standard tea?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
We are designed for this kind tea products for the wooden packing box, also the tea to continue this & other; Green & throughout; Temperament, also want to in the design of the tea wooden gift box as much as possible to reflect & other; Green & throughout; Consciousness, in addition, the design wooden gift boxes, tea what is the standard? 1, tea wooden gift box design conforms to the relevant regulations of wooden gift box the tea in China, a sign of the wooden packing box to smart, neat, clear, and a complete label, indicating commodity, the production factory name, address, date of production and batch number, expiration date, grade, net weight, trademarks, product standard code, there is a change project can be printed stickers were added. 2 wooden gift boxes, tea words is also an important part of design, a tea wooden packing box can do without any decoration, but not without words, just like the same person, he must have a name, wooden tea box words must be concise, clear, fully embody the commodity attribute, not with too cumbersome font and not easy to identify the words, too stiff have sharp corners font is not suitable for. 3, strong commodity, tea is the traditional and the national art of Chinese calligraphy has a long history, and has a strong artistic quality and view and admire a gender, can properly use calligraphy to reflect the richness of tea culture rich, reflect the culture of the Chinese nation has a long history, it is ok, the tea wooden gift boxes to use and easy to understand, easy to read, easy to identify the font, too grass or not clear font to use less, must take into account the consumer's discrimination, to make the person be clear at a glance.
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