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by:Vitalucks      2020-06-09
Table and Chair components play a vital role in comfort
The level and availability of the chair.
These are the technical specifications of office chairs.
These examples include pipes, metal and plastic joints, pipe seats, rotating crosses
Joint and rubber end cap.
The design of some chairs takes into account the elderly and those with physical disabilities.
For such people, various additional parts can be installed.
Casters are an important part of the chair.
It is a small spinning wheel that is connected under a part of the furniture and can be moved easily.
It has dimensions of 50mm, 65mm and 75mm.
The wheel diameter has a great impact on the performance of the casters.
There are various types of casters on the market, such as chair and furniture casters, total lock casters, stainless steel casters and nickel castersplated casters.
Pneumatic and stem mounting casters and flat plate mounting casters are also provided.
The plastic part of the chair is the seat cover, back cover, handrails, base and telescope gas cover.
Metal components include mechanisms, air lifts, brackets, fittings, and hinges.
Base and casters have a wide range of ANSI or American National Standards Association standards.
These casters are used for hard floors and mats.
They are intended to be moved repeatedly on administrative or office chairs.
Elastic rubber wheels care about hard floor surfaces such as hardwood floors, tiles and synthetic mats.
Precision sealed ball bearings in wheels are easy to roll and do not need to be repaired at all.
The special mechanism on the wheel improves the ability to rotate or adjust the direction.
Grip ring socket for mounting casters on wooden furniture.
It is not easy to choose the right table and chair parts and repair parts.
There are many choices in size, color and shape.
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