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diy \'game of thrones\' iron throne office chair

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-09
Use your own DIY Iron Throne in the office to claim that you are the ruler of seven bookmakers.
With the final episode of The Game of Thrones series, this is the perfect carol for the end of an epic show.
It is made entirely of cardboard and is very lightweight and easily connected to the front or back of any office chair.
Rusty Nails and Swords (
Valeria steel, of course)
It will turn a simple seat into an ominous throne suitable for the mother of the Dragon or the King of the North.
Whether they have fans or not, we guarantee that all of your colleagues will bend their knees or at least stop at your desk to take photos.
EHow may be compensated through the affiliate link in this tutorial.
The first step measures the height and width of the back of the chair you intend to transform into a throne.
Cut a piece of cardboard about the same size.
Step 2 use the box cutter or tool knife on each side of the cardboard sheet to cut a small seam about inches long.
Then pass a long elastic cord through the gap.
This is what you used to tie the throne to the chair.
Step 3 measure and Mark 1 long cardboard strip 1/2 wide and 2 feet long with a ruler and cut it out with a box cutter or tool knife.
It will eventually take us 24 to get on our throne (
17 DingTalk and 7 Swords).
Step 4 cut the tip of each piece into a spike.
Step 5 arrange the spikes on the cardboard you cut for the back of the chair and spread them out so they cover most of them.
Keep seven or eight spikes in order to make the sword later.
Once you are satisfied with this arrangement, stick them in place with hot glue.
If the spike sticks out to the bottom of the cardboard, trim off any excess length.
Step 6: draw and cut the cardboard handle of the sword.
For diversity and visual interest, we made some round handles, some diamonds
Shape, and some fluffy. de-lis shape.
Step 7 glue the handle to the remaining spike to create the sword.
Step 8 arrange the swords at the top of the spikes and position them so that the handles are located at the top of the space between the spikes.
This will make them more prominent.
Hot glue in place.
Step 9 paint the entire throne with black paint.
We painted it with a black hammer, giving the throne some texture.
Step 10 once the paint is completely dry, gently brush the silver craft paint on the sword.
You don\'t want to paint them all.
Just brush enough paint on the top and they can stand out from the black nails.
Step 11 create the illusion of rust and brush the copper process paint gently and dry (sparingly)
On spikes and swords.
This will give the throne a kind of ancient bronze that is full of frost.
Now that your throne is complete, you are ready to rule.
Winter is coming!
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