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do it yourself gift ideas..

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-10
Anyone can do cunning gift ideas! ! !
Now I am a 7 year old mother, so in the case of economic decline, I naturally have to find a way to make gifts without spending a lot of money.
I found some good works.
These can be used for any occasion or for anyone.
Just to meet your needs, change some of the things you put in.
Your imagination will be your greatest friend and there is no limit to what you can do.
Making these gifts yourself will save you some money and give the best gifts around you.
For the Baker, the first idea is a very good idea if you can bake (
It still works even if you just use the package stuff).
Buy a very decorative container.
Can, plastic or basket.
You can find most in dollar stores or flea markets.
You can bake some cookies or brownies.
If you are not good at homemade, you can buy what you have already done and then put it in the oven to cook.
If you can bake, come up with your recipe and be creative.
You can really fill up something with a variety of baked goods.
They had a very good time.
This is a very nice welcome carriage gift for the new neighbors.
There\'s hope if you can\'t bake or even turn on the oven.
I have a lot of relatives who like to take a shower and lotion.
You can buy their favorite bubble bath and lotion from any dollar store or any dollar store.
Just pick up a few bottles of their favorite perfume and grab some paper towels/fillers and a wicker basket while you are there.
Place paper towels or other fillers at the bottom of the basket, place the bottle in the basket, and then finish with a nice bow at the top.
Now you can create most of it for less than $15.
$00, more than the store sells.
Now, what you put there can be changed depending on who you are.
These baskets are also available for holidays and special occasions.
These are also great for kids.
Coloring books, crayons, stickers and activity books are a great gift for children.
Babies can be filled with pacifiers, bottles, towels or travel wipes.
The possibility of a gift basket is endless and will be much cheaper if you make it yourself.
I know everyone has seen these Diaper Cakes.
This is the latest fashion for baby shower.
I have seen hundreds of them and can\'t believe the price.
I bought one for $65.
Take it apart and you won\'t believe how easy these are.
You can find a photo to understand the main idea.
I did the same and actually had more decorations on it for less than $65.
The one I bought is 00.
Now the way you start one of them is to buy a bag of newborn diapers.
Depending on how many layers you want, it depends on the size of the package.
I bought 40 pieces and made 3 layers of cake.
Go back to your favorite dollar store and check out the baby area.
They have anything for only one dollar.
From shampoo and lotion to pacifier and ringing bell.
Perfect for adding decorations.
To assemble the cake now, you need a pack of rubber bands and some clear tape.
Roll the diaper up from it (
Open it in it)
Fixed to the bottom with transparent tape.
You can use it as your center.
Now make another diaper in the same way and put it outside the first one.
You need to continue this mode before you completely surround the first diaper.
Put a rubber band around the whole thing to fix it together.
This is your first row.
So keep repeating this step, depending on the size you want.
Fix each line in the same rubber band.
Once your first layer is as big as you want, then continue with the Nest layer.
This is the same as the first way to do it, just a little smaller.
Wait until you get the height of the cake you want.
Now it\'s a girl or a boy.
You need some ribbons and a roll of tulle.
They can be any color you want to use.
The ribbon needs to be wide enough to cover the rubber bands around each layer.
You can use rubber bands to place small bottles of baby toiletries and other items that you have to put on the cake.
You can make a bow with the tulle on the top and let the end cover the whole cake.
I usually add some hair bands as well just to touch some.
I \'ve put in a picture I \'ve taken recently to show you how easy they can be done.
I do these just for personal use, but you can make them and sell them.
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