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Does prevent wooden gift boxes glue some fixed method

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Whether that kind of goods, in the life are need wooden gift box packaging, but at the time of use, for its colour collocation is very seriously. Wooden gift boxes partly using glue paste, more long does if paste is bad will appear after the glue phenomenon. Below small make up to introduce does prevent wooden gift boxes glue under some fixed method. 1, wooden gift boxes production before testing the glue, the thumb and forefinger hold a viscous state as well. 2, the reasonable air buy time. Air buy after edge tear with external force will face paper to see if a destructive, so is glue full penetration for qualified products, in the future will not come unglued, not for pseudo sticky, glue or practice should be adjusted. 3, wooden gift boxes in the process of production, pay attention to the glue, the semi-automatic pressure bubble machine or scraper, a blanket on the surface of a box processing, to ensure that the glue can perfect penetrate the surface of paper. Does more than is to prevent wooden gift boxes glue of some fixed method, in addition. Wooden gift boxes of colour collocation is the key, is also a key to affect sales. If collocation is not good, the feedback is the most direct, let users on the product directly to the rebellious attitude, this is the sales of taboo, so wooden gift box color is critical, cohesion is better coordination between color, give a person the sense of fresh. Small make up: the ZRM
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