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Domestic and foreign similar wine box packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-02
Similar wine box packaging design is summarized in the wine packaging design has made the investigation and analysis, it is not difficult to find the internal and overseas also, there is still a big gap between the wine packaging. From the point of product, their wine culture can be traced back to the 17th century, has hundreds of years of cultural roots, wine culture has deep social, has the broad market. The development of wine industry is much more rapidly in our country. So, it is for this business booming, they also appear in the mastery of wine packaging design than we mature. Abroad some of the design in order to highlight the self, in market competition like use some trend of fashionable element as the visual language, so the design of packaging is bold novel, attract audience, impressive. Foreign wine packaging industry is roughly divided into two kinds, one is traditional, reflects the culture and nature. Another type is trendy, follow the fashion, seize the consumers eyeball, highlight personality. Foreign wine, the phenomenon of the subdivision consumer groups is we are worthy of reference, through the crowd of benign design to distribute to rich the milk of human kindness, and also is the inevitable result of wine packaging market environment. Design elements with some perverse witty break traditional pop art even surrealist elements idea, open and differences of similar products to consumers different sensory experience. Cooperate with the gorgeous colour, a bottle of wine is showing its unique charm. The color can be a gaudy, show the style of hippies. Isn't that gold, yellow, black, red, the color such as not. The shape of the bottle to stick can also be a breakthrough, special-shaped wine label design will be made to creative, at the same time these elements of visual impact is strong. Wine, as a foreign wine products, for it is not very understanding, sometimes winding in decisions, and in the face of wine packaging now situation must be of the same creative breakthrough. Especially in the promotion of new products, wine box packaging is the pioneer of the charge. Selection and consider some special elements, in order to break the routine, to make outstanding wine packaging. In a word, the value of good packaging design for product itself is a kind of ascension. If compare wine to a await a young girl, so wine box packaging design is like her a chaplet and official robes, both can the icing on the cake and have the effect that make the finishing point.
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