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Double '11' as dear friends for packing box is how to deal with

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-09
Double '11' how many people became a shopping crazy, is how to deal with your packing box, shopping crazy people receiving peak, in the tens of billions of transactions in the packing box of the discard is also a big problem, let's look at specific: less than the time from work can see trash cans of corridor, a heap of broken cartons. As the consumption change now, now we can't statistics' online garbage has become our current topic. In recent years, our online shopping enthusiasm degree is changing every year, there are, according to today's express delivery industry average daily waste generated in the packing box has reached tens of millions of pieces, each year the packaging tape can be used more than 200 laps around the earth, online shopping packing box of waste and pollution is a big problem we face in the future. The goods we received, the packing box where go to? Can be more than 200 laps around the earth tape and where did you go? A pair of glasses package box of 6 layer, 'most of the packaging cost is zero. 2 - 0. 5 yuan between, this is the cost add up to a huge number. 'the personage inside course of study of economical packaging costs, we according to the national post office is the total in 2013 China's express delivery business to 9. 2 billion or so, it is concluded that the cost of the packing box can exceed 1 billion yuan. Online shopping is sorrow of the environmental issues, in addition to environmental problems in the processing of online shopping packing box also let people worry. Small make up that, in the growth of online shopping is in the box increased continuously, relevant departments will cause enough attention to packaging, to avoid future packaging become white pollution. Small make up: SQS
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