Ecological wooden box packaging design

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Life in the natural world is in a never-ending cycle, with various packages that are inseparable from human life. Also in this big bull cycle

Among. The ecological wooden box packaging system project includes the following six aspects.

(1) Wooden box packaging material design Wooden box packaging material is the most basic and most important factor of ecological packaging. Under the premise of ensuring the function of wooden box packaging, its
The selection of antimony materials must comply with the 'four principles' of the above-mentioned ecological packaging system. Specifically, there are the following aspects:

①Scientific advancement design, the use of new materials such as nanomaterials, etc., to reduce the use of silk and total amount of wooden box packaging materials, and reduce environmental damage
Sound (reduce);

②When designing wooden box packaging, consider the reuse of all or part of the packaging materials (rluse)5

③When selecting packaging materials for wooden boxes, design the recycling treatment and recycling (re'ycle) of waste packaging materials;

④When setting the packaging materials for the juice wooden box, try to choose the wooden box packaging materials that can obtain new value independently, add energy recovery, manufacture dyes, and manufacture building materials);

⑥When designing wooden box packaging materials, select fast-degradable and degradable wooden box packaging materials.

(2) Wooden box packaging design According to the principle of 'customer is God
It is to suit human needs and protect the earth. The following aspects are not included in cs:

①Safety, the wooden box packaging design is reasonable, the use is safe, and the occurrence of incidents such as breaking the packaging container and hurting people shall be strictly prevented;

③Convenience, product brand identification should be standardized

③Environmental protection Comply with international (or national) quality standards, environmental labels (green labels), etc.; easy to use, easy to read and understand; standard requirements,
Such as environmental protection signs,

④ Reliability The design is novel, the size is small, and fake, human, empty, and fake are strictly prohibited;

⑤Healthiness Choose non-toxic and compatible packaging materials to ensure the health of customers.

(3) Wooden box packaging design. The image design of packaging companies is mainly based on product quality, product reputation, scientific packaging, and reasonable packaging.
made. In a nutshell, design has the following seven connotations:

①Use a good wooden box packaging design to give consumers a belief function

⑦Use excellent image design to give consumer-oriented functions;

③Using Chinese-style cultural design, with consensus function;

④ Set up steam in a standard format to standardize functions;

⑤Design with refined advertising language to stimulate function;

⑥Use the beautiful member badges to mark the crowd to aggregate the function;

⑦Design with sincere language, occupy the product market, and strive for good benefits and functions
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