Elaborate packaging can better promote themselves: pecan gift box made further away from the dream! Pecan box order @ scarves @ olive oil box packing box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-19
Pecan order http://www gift box. 中国- - - - - - hzht。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? Cpid = 71 modern packaging decoration, this is a pecan box customized packaging machinery and pecan gift box made comprehensive platform development of packaging materials, but under the condition of existing equipment, pecan box customized packaging design can do or not do, such as commodity pecan customized packing gift box series, pecan box customized packaging decoration, how to do already beautiful applicable and province work, reduce consumption, reduce the cost. Now we don't look like the past, to foreign data also can see some, also can hear some foreign intelligence, learn from foreign strengths, our advantage. Due to the shape and structure of the carton design often is to determine the shape of the packaged goods characteristics, so its a lot of styles and types, a rectangle, square, multilateral type, alien box, cylindrical, etc. , but the manufacturing process is basically the same, namely select materials & ndash; — Design ICONS & ndash; — Manufacturing template & ndash; — Stamping & ndash; — The synthesis of box. Raw material is paper pulp, general corrugated paper, used to hold more items, can be recycled.
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