Elements of science and technology in the design of boutique gift box manufacturers

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-14
Exquisite gift box manufacturers in the design of technology boutique gift box manufacturers recently found in the design of wooden gift boxes we can break the conventional design, adopt new technology of element design, from the structure of the whole gift box changes, by means of simple, pieced together a look very high-end design, and overall, the effect of the material cost will be very low such a design conforms to now the country's low-cost manufacturing, high earnings targets. Seemingly simple design, will give you a look solemn packaging effect, traditional approach is to use some relatively thick cardboard and a layer of pasting wrapped to form a structure, although this kind of practice is correct, but today is introduced this novel structure model, make the entire product looks too thick, but the cost is very much cheaper than traditional practices. Suggest the preferred choice of material is thicker single copper paper, first of all, their own form a soft box model, only the soft box model without the three sides, forming a hollow u-shaped, through four such U fold, then used one side at the bottom of the sides of the box, do the position of a physical card buckle, will card up to 4 walls, together, a 4 walls thicker shape came out of the box, this box of 4 walls is hollow, but because of his material is relatively thick single copper paper, so he also won't feel special soft, as long as the carton is not particularly big, there is no face to face with the phenomenon of bending, so this model is hot right now. So this is a boutique gift box manufacturers now is new design methods, there are now many customers begin to accept this way.
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