Environmental performance of packaging and printing process

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Environmental performance of offset printing process [Beijing Packaging Box Factory]
Offset printing is very polluting, and it has different effects on the environment, the health of the operators, and the quilt and no items.
Ranging. Limb print]: The environmental performance problems of art are mainly seconds and below o
(]) Plate-making pollution. In traditional photoengraving, chemical development penalties and fixers are used to develop light on silver-based films.
Photography, after fixing the calendar, and then making a plate with film, will produce J: a large amount of waste solution containing chemical substances harmful to the human body and the environment.
(2) The internal staining of the organic compound (voc) produced by the ink solvent and the serious pollution of the ink household. From offset ink
In terms of application, offset printing ink is divided into sheet-fed printing ink and web rotary sleeve ink. Sheet-fed offset printing inks are highly innovative,
Adopt the 'oxidized conjunctiva? Infiltration' method to dry. Including bright offset crepe and partner offset inks; web offset inks are more aggressive
Low, high solvent content, directly dried by osmotic absorption (partially evaporated by heating), usually divided into two types: thermosetting and non-thermosetting
kind; the solvents used in offset printing inks mainly include alcoholic solvents such as organic solvents and isopropanol ('P/t).
Some solvents volatilize into the air during storage and use, and cause harm to the 4k environment and ecological environment:
(3) Pollution of fountain solution. Offset printing Huiyi is inseparable from premium water (dampening solution), and the dampening solution in the offset printing process is always on the car.
Organic volatiles are discharged into the air in the room. Recently, high-quality offset printing products use alcohol fountain solution (alcohol fountain solution and 'PA
Dampening solution), offset printing dampening solution is not pure water, but a dilute solution including a variety of electrolytes, alcohol solvents and hydrophilic colloids. With
IPA fountain solution is easier to control the ink balance (usually 10%-15% IPA, 80% water and 5% other
Auxiliary) IR is widely used in printing factories. In the alcohol solvent of offset ink and fountain solution. [N’s harm is particularly serious, printing
The use of IPA in the brush is harmful to the human body whether it is a small amount or a large amount. It is harmful to human health when inhaled or contacted through the skin.
On the other hand, IPA is a photochemical oxidant, which volatilizes to the atmosphere and forms ozone when exposed to sunlight, leading to the so-called
The phenomenon of 'summer smog' destroys the ecological environment. Beijing packaging box production, Beijing packaging box printing, Beijing packaging box manufacturer o
(4) Other pollution; the inner roller, blanket, etc. should be cleaned during the offset printing process, with small cleaning agents and large amounts of solvents
Volatile. Outside the month, there is also the detection gas of other solutions that volatilize L6l from rubber rollers, blankets and other printing machines. Current limb
The cleaning agent for printing ink is still mainly flammable and explosive gasoline. In addition, in order to avoid printing cabins during high-speed multi-color single-fed offset printing
The phenomenon of sticky back mass. Powder spraying has to be used, which makes the dust pollution in the air around the printing press aggravated. C and packaging printing products are still
Pollution problems caused by waste (recycled paper) recycling, burning (two Guanying), etc., and water pollution caused by fountain solution discharge
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