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Flexible packaging carton design requires designer call and match all kinds of craft

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-12
Today factory packaging designers and the big need packaging carton design of merchants and owners to share, if you need to order a carton, so the carton design should be about how to design to conform to the requirements of the production specification of carton packaging plant, do new selling points, both practical executable again? In fact this is primarily need a designer to do packaging carton design process have a certain understanding to the factory, and can use the technology, flexible to actually lies in the process, are simple and easy to understand, but need stylist to flexible control calls these technology to form a perfect packaging carton design, it is not an easy thing. We all know that it is impossible to a piece of paper through the different folding completes the shape of a gift so fine and strong, so the cardboard will be after a call & quot; Beer & quot; Process, this process as the borders of an object would show part of the packaging carton design for the substance with the proper compression, so a seasoned designer will not make the patterns of the packaging carton design too full and margin is clingy, unless some integral graph, need two sides except is combined into a whole, if not it will need to have some spare parts to make mouth craft beer. In addition to considering the mouth beer process, must also be understood and the collocation of other processes, like many grain or is some uneven surface would not use some special paper and kraft paper, effect of this technology, because after the uneven surface of the paper surface coated, manufactured in just finished in a short period of time may not be what strange leads to product quality problems, but once the time is long, will show an obvious defects. Bubbles, which is more severe than the defect of ink stains, like mobile phone if it is post some inferior membrane, once the bubble more ugly inside, so a skilled sophisticated packaging carton designer will fully consider the raw material and design process.
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