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Folding boxes for customers like

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
Folding boxes for customers like the reason through nearly a period of market research analysis, we found that the folding box is very popular in the market, and process requirement is very high, but made to that effect is very ideal. We know that precious commodity on the market generally adopt a high-end gift box, choose ordinary packaging, product sales, also this is the so-called good horse matchs good saddle, the requirement of the folding box, of course, is also very high. Details about folding box key points, the molding box flat on the table, after four edges have an Angle of 90 degrees, lifted the lid to build any obvious gap, left and right side left side size are consistent, open the internal and external puzzle is impreaaion nip any wrinkling, double-sided adhesive with and without post is four corners, with the face of positive and negative of ribbon to the attention of the ribbon, the length of the ribbon, the presence of seat size according to customer's request to stick, ribbon tail can't fluff, affixed ribbons in lining can't break down, quadrilateral glue, glue penetration. , of course, folding box belongs to hardcover wooden gift boxes in a more classic type box, usually need to manually or part needs to be done manually, the natural cost is increased. Pasting box by pasting on the outside of the cardboard or wood of high quality art paper or cloth, beautiful leatherette paper to achieve the effect of binding, the cost of raw materials is also a lot more than ordinary packing box. So, folding box can get so much love, because of its own.
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