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by:Vitalucks      2020-06-12
Over the years, Jessica McCormack has collected antique wooden boxes that few people want.
These carefully crafted 19th-century vaults, once used as notebook desks or medicine cabinets filled with medicines and potions, are no longer useful.
But the jewelry designer, who grew up in New Zealand, believes that if they were to be refurbished like a jewelry box, they would have gained new lives --
It is worth appealing as her jewelry.
\"They are very beautiful, and they are very beautiful . \"
McCormack said in an interview with her red brick townhouse in the heart of Mayfair, London.
Earlier this year, she began making her first box: a gift for her third child and only daughter Estelle on her first birthday. Ms.
McCormack intends to use it as the home of the items her daughter will receive and purchase when she grows up.
\"The box is based on the idea you gave jewelry: It\'s a birthday and anniversary, or a special moment in time, so I have the place for her 18 and 21 birthdays,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s an idea that you can give someone something that is not for that time, not for that place, but for a certain moment in their lives.
Except for brass wings --
The heart plaque in your hand-
The outside of the box is engraved with Estelle\'s name and looks as simple as ever.
However, opening it, the internal part has been remodeled.
Each piece, lined with pink artificial
Suede is embroidered with personal symbols and information by Hand & Lock, a London studio, founded in 1767, with a roster of clients including Burberry and Queen Elizabeth II.
For example, there are rainbows and pearls in the countryside of New Zealand --
Central compartment decorated with clouds.
A unicorn represents the origin of Scotland.
McCormack\'s husband and two parts, Wilf and Johnny, were left with future gifts for elder brother Estelle.
Other parts are embroidered with the motto of life: for example, C. S.
Of course, Lewis\'s \"courage, Dear Heart\" is illustrated by a lion representing the character of the author Aslan. Ms.
McCormack hopes that the emotional intimacy of the jewelry is expressed in the box. the jewelry is often full of memories and meaning and passed on from generation to generation.
She described a client who inherited a lot of jewelry from her mother, but wanted to get more information about what the jewelry really meant to her.
\"That\'s why you have to add a little note to the jewelry to pass on the source,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s not about money, it\'s about emotion.
\"The first thing she did for the client was the Commission that the father did for his 16-year-old --year-old daughter.
She did not predict the university, the marriage, and the children.
McCormack advised them to be more open. ended.
\"We do hope, courage, love, so they can be interpreted as the result of life,\" she said . \". Ms.
McCormack said the boxes were equally attractive to her (
Mainly self. purchasing)
Treat female clients like lovers, husbands and parents.
The price starts at 20,000 pounds, or $25,670, including a jewelry credit of £ 8,000.
\"I forced you to buy jewelry,\" she said with a smile . \".
From consultation to delivery, it will take three months for a fully customized order to be completed; a demi-
Although the initials can be added to the two compartments, the custom version takes less time because it is almost completely embroidered in advance.
\"Anyway, you want something that can last.
\"Fast fashion is not my world,\" she said . \". Ms.
McCormack is not the only luxury house that expresses its aesthetics through a jewelry box.
The New Bond Street retailer, Asprey, is just a few steps away from Townhouse, offering leather jewelry boxes inspired by a royal-licensed dresser from Queen Victoria in 1862.
Founded by David Linley Armstrong, British furniture maker Linley
Earl Snowden and the nephew of Queen Elizabeth II, Jones, provided boxes decorated with hand-inlays.
Dolce and Gabbana\'s Carretta jewelry boxes echo the Sicilian roots of the fashion house, with its vibrant carving inspired by traditional horsesdrawn carts. For Ms.
McCormack, the process of making the jewelry box was very pleasant, which gave her another idea: \"Maybe I\'ll give up the jewelry and go straight to the box.
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