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From acrylic box samples to judge what's the problem?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-18
First, we check whether the acrylic samples and drawing size is consistent, the appearance is in accordance with the requirements, high quality acrylic samples must be meet the requirements of the drawings; Second, can according to the salesman in the proofing process feedback as some judgment, the content of the project prophase discussion is theoretical, engineering will according to your own experience and expertise to make guidance and optimization scheme is put forward. Acrylic product samples can be judged a factory quality? Is ok, the sample is a customer decide to make a production sample after the design drawing, the material, structure, process of its selected aspects carries on the preliminary inspection, check the product effect is desired, many customers may not care about the production of acrylic sample effect, later there is still room for change, in fact this is the idea of an irresponsible, proofing products are professional master elaborate, if made the product effect can not meet the requirements, the behind do big goods will be at risk, so suggest must attach importance to the production of acrylic samples.
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