Gift box commonly used glue

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-08
Gift box according to the box type structure can be divided into two categories, one kind is folding of gift box, such ten percent of gift box forming, no need to paste. Another kind is not folding of gift box, such as heaven and earth cover, clamshell boxes, etc. , will use the glue paste. We'll give you tally up the following what are some of the commonly used glue paste of gift box. Jelly glue, jelly glue is named after the deep looks like jelly, main ingredients for hot melt adhesive, harmless, environmental protection and a fresh scent, is mainly used for gift box pasting process. Gluing ways mainly have glue on the rubber and artificial rubber. White latex white latex, is one of the glue has a long history, and is suitable for a light plastic, tape with plain paper, specialty paper, gold and silver cardboard, plastic paste box and so on. Widely used in printing and packaging, paper packaging industry hardcover box, jewelry box, moon cake box, wine box and wooden gift boxes and PVC leather box production. Paper plastic, suitable for light glue, the glue and plain paper, special paper, art paper, paper glue, etc. Not only are widely used in gift boxes production is applied to the production of portable paper bag. In fact, in addition to these, gift box production process that can be used in glue and water-based glue, all-purpose adhesive, puzzle glue, and so on. Small make up: SQS
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