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by:Vitalucks      2020-06-11
Do you have any plans for something new for your loved ones?
You can try giving away a cookie gift box.
Cookie Sellers in the city say the cookie gift box is a hot favorite for Coimbatore and now they need this Deepavali.
\"These gift boxes include different kinds of cookies such as Rainbow Rocket, Peacock shooting, fountain, Thunder bomb Green and music party shooting.
\"While a small box has 18 items for about RS 467, a large box has 46 items for Rs 600,\" says Sunil, one of the city\'s biscuit sellers
He added that cookies like bijli and kuruvi veedi are losing their luster and that people are increasingly choosing cookies that explode in the air.
\"That\'s why there are several varieties of biscuits in the city.
Not only do they have a variety of colors, but they also spray in different ways.
\"When Sonakshi Sinha, Shilpa Shetty and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan felt their presence, including Natara, Anushka, Samantha, and some Bollywood actresses also appeared on the cover.
\"Stills from Kollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood films are also widely used in packaging.
However, customers do not attach too much importance to packaging when choosing cookies, \"said Senthil Kumar, partner of a biscuit stall in Peelamedu.
CT found some cookies on the wrapping paper with cricketers and wrest hands.
There are also cartoon characters on some covers.
Guns are the children\'s favorite.
\"The price of guns has been available since Rs 20, and even 5-year-old children are buying them.
\"Army guns have entered new this year,\" said a gun seller . \".
However, G Rangaraj, who opened a biscuit shop on Avinashi Road, told us that sales of biscuits are falling sharply every year.
\"All the cookies are from Sivakasi.
Average medium-
Class families buy cookies worth Rs 1,000 for a possible price of Rs 10,000.
Despite the fact that we have fixed customers, we cannot deny the fact that sales are slowly declining year after year.
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