Gift box manufacturers: the advantage of the pallets

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Gift box manufacturers, the advantage of pallets on New Year's day is a holiday, the market will always appear all kinds of gifts, different boxes represent different gifts, at the same time also reflected the gift packing box of the class grade, but in big ways, any wooden gift boxes can be referred to as pallets, so most of the gift box manufacturers use the pallets now advantage in where? 1, environmental advantage: not only can be repeated use, can also use the waste paper products ZaoFei; 2, technical advantages: paper material scale is small, the effect of heat and light, with better stability; The opacity of paper, can provide hidden isolation, make some products can't see, from the external packaging meet the requirements of certain products packaging; Paper material processing molding, has never had any problems when using a packing machine for cutting; Due to electrostatic paper with mild, suitable for packing flour products and high-speed online; Paper material also has good air permeability, flexibility, strength and tear properties of controllable; Paper has good elasticity and toughness, can provide good protection for packaging; Paper at the same time also has the characteristics of lightweight, species diversity. , in general, now in the process of gift box manufacturers preferred use paper packing box can on the one hand promote the development of market economy, on the other hand at the same time practice of the production of environmental protection policy of the country.
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