Gift box of the three major development direction

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-14
With the continuous development of social economy, the gift market gradually strong, and gift market also lead to the development of the gift box. Gift industry increasingly competitive, want to let your own products, gift box has gradually become the key of choice. Below look at some of the gift box with three major development direction. 1, which is on the paper packaging, try to reduce unnecessary packaging layers, reduce the void fraction, reduce printing, adhesive application. Such as through the ingenious structure design, 'a integrated, no additional things can get stuck goods, complete packaging requirements. Only color corrugated paper packaging, expressed in the form of graffiti product brand features, performance, reducing printing materials, reduce the pollution of the environment. 2, individualized personalized packaging design is a kind of involved extensive and influential design method, both for corporate image and product itself and social effect are associated with. Packaging image of the shape and performance to the natural and lively modelling of humanity, organic development, giving the packing personality quality, unique style to attract consumers. Gift packaging design also must carry on the systematic thinking, the analysis of the actual situation for different angles and position, to establish, clear all kinds of factors should be considered. 3, strengthen anti-counterfeiting gift box design of visual effects and strengthen the packaging printing industry technology gradually become a powerful weapon in the rights action. Innovation methods of packaging box design and printing industry technology combining the scientific and technological achievements, the pursuit of originality and visual effect is another direction for the sustainable development of packaging industry in the future. Packaging design has become an important component part of the development of gift box. From the aspects of brand strategy, promotion, image and so on to synthetically consider the packing. Small make up: liutingting
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