Gift box printing process

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Now people especially valued for gifts, etc. That is higher and higher request for packaging customization, some packaging cannot satisfy people. There are many people be fond of amateur customization, including packaging printing and building technology has many requests, so packing box in the printing of the process? Below small make up to introduce. A, nano printing on the cover to gift box packaging printing, the application of nano skills, it is in the details of performance ability is very strong, high precision, exist in a nanometer level image mold profile is transfer to the correct substrate profiles of polymer membrane. This is transfer the pattern of image and mould of intrusive, depth is the same. It's for the latent advantage of supply of nano skills about. Nano printing digital printing to become the strong flexibility and traditional offset printing high obedience and economical characteristics. 2, thermal transfer ink is used on the copper plate to the mechanical design good chase, when heated to the temperature must be put our product in to turn on the mechanical can then we have to transfer patterns onto the product. Important for plastic, EVA, stainless steel, properly produce a lot. Three, water transfer printing is divided into two kinds, one kind of transfer printing skills applicable to water target, important for pictorial patterns and ink transfer printing. Second, only the water transfer printing skills, heat transfer area is big, dissolve into water, aqueous film bearing design, spread function is good, easy to entwine round product overview, water transfer printing is commonly used in digital capital small effect. Four, hot stamping is will make the mold, aimed at the status to be hot stamping machine will be dispatched to the temperature of the hot gold, gold iron materials are very hot, the temperature of owe good will probably let's hot gold drop down, to the temperature of the hot stamping is nervous. Five, it will be necessary to design or convex font via chase good template rendering after pressing process of a product. Another is seen in the daily hot stamping on the rise, the difficulty of such process is must, set must be accurate, or it happened double will not good-looking. Above is about the packing box in the printing process, the hope can help to you. Small make up: the ZRM
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