Gift packaging materials should be how to choose

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-12
Exquisite gift box for gift sell played an important role, especially its appeal to consumers, increase product added value, and promote the enterprise's brand. Gift box of the material when the choice is very important, it determines the quality and use value of gift box. Gift packaging materials should be how to choose? Below small make up to introduce. On gift box material selection, paper container still account for the primary orientation, leather, wood, plastic, metal materials increased than in the past, the proportion of the natural materials such as bamboo, willow, grass still less likely to use. For some high-end gifts and for wood packaging materials. Red wine box, for example. In red wine packaging plan is based on the characteristic and the dense wine village civilization, in wine packaging plan to use a lot of wood to make red wine box, and joined the straw in wine box to foil frosted glass raw material wine bottle. Pour the wine dense characteristics reflected village civilizations. Do red wine packaging plan together with the wine civilized harmonic. Paper cartons and occupies a certain advantage in the container, according to different gifts class hierarchy, the material selection of also have difference: 1, low level of gift packaging carton: chooses more than 350 grams of white paper board printing, laminating die cutting molding. Slightly upscale some choose 300 grams of white slabs onlay into paper card printing, laminating, die-cutting forming again. 2, the middle-grade gift packing boxes: choose 250 g - more printing surface With 300 grams 300 grams of dominate the aluminum foil paper dominate white paper on the onlay into cardboard, printing effect of die cutting forming again. That is about the choice of gift packaging materials, hope you can help to you. Small make up: the ZRM
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