'Gifts are light and boxes are heavy' wooden box packaging should be used for appropriate goods

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Gift wooden box packaging should be appropriate
I returned to my hometown for the Spring Festival. When I went upstairs in the community yesterday, I saw a large number of wooden boxes thrown in the trash counter downstairs; beautiful gift wooden boxes for tea, liquor, fruit, and food. I wonder, this phenomenon of'wearing' luxury outerwear on goods hasn't disappeared yet? After the Spring Festival every year, this kind of man-made 'high-end garbage' is not uncommon. '
Mr. Lei said that his family often stacks exquisite boxed gifts from relatives and friends. Some gifts look very big and beautiful, but when opened, they only contain a little bit. In the past, people used a piece of unedged paper and a piece of paper rope to pack a packet of snacks and a packet of candy. Although it looked 'thinWith the development of the times, merchants and consumers are all looking good, using cartons and plastic bags instead of edging paper, and the outer packaging later becomes more and more luxurious, which is too wasteful.
There are two small bottles in a big box
Mr. Guo shares the same views with Mr. Lei. He said that during the Spring Festival, his mother received various gifts from relatives and friends. Almost all of them came with paper, iron, and wooden outer packaging boxes. Among them, a beautiful box containing nutritional products was about 40 cm long and wide. About 30 centimeters, after opening it, it was found that only two small bottles of 500 grams of nutritional products were contained. The mother smiled while holding the nutrient and said, 'I don’t know if the contents of the bottle are good? Just looking at the time spent on the packaging box, I don’t think it is worth it.' All the gifts were taken out, and the outer boxes were thrown away.
Actually, two hundred yuan tea is packaged in a wooden tea box worth 50 yuan. Compared with previous years, the situation of excessive packaging of goods in the past one or two years is indeed not so serious. Previously, the same products were all packaged in iron and wooden boxes. How to get the grade and how to get them, now they are slowly turning into cartons or plastic bags. For example, a large box of tea that sells for more than 100 yuan actually contains two small boxes of tea. The cost of the outer box is at least 20 to 30 yuan. In order to save space, I had to take out the tea and throw away the box. How much wood does it take to make a beautiful gift box? How much paper? The waste of resources is too great.

Wooden box manufacturers often remind merchants that the amount of packaging should be appropriate. You can learn from the good experience of some countries. For example, some countries impose packaging taxes on non-paper packaging and packaging that cannot meet the recycling requirements; some countries require , Commodity manufacturers pay a certain deposit to the management department, and entrust relevant commercial institutions to be responsible for recycling commodity packaging. In order to facilitate recycling, manufacturers will actively choose packaging designs that use less materials and are easy to recycle. With legal protection, law enforcement agencies can crack down on excessive packaging of goods in accordance with the law, which is expected to fundamentally curb illegal acts that waste resources.
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