Good or not practical, gift boxes become the 'protagonist' of garbage in the community

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
During the Spring Festival, people will visit relatives and friends with gifts, but after the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, wooden boxes for red wine, rattan baskets for fruit, and cartons for food have all become objects of treatment, so that many communities In the trash can, gift boxes have become the 'protagonist' of trash in the community.
   Early in the morning yesterday, the reporter saw that the two large blue trash bins had just been cleaned out at the garbage disposal site downstairs in a residential area. The garbage piled up in the cleaner’s tricycle had all come to the fore. The fruit basket is very eye-catching. 'Now we have to clean out the trash can once or twice a day.' At the gate of the community, a cleaner who was cleaning in the community said, 'Just after the festival, many people started'cleaning' at home, so it was a while. During the'booming' period of rubbish, the'gift box' rubbish that was cleaned every day accounted for almost half of the total amount.' Lao Zhang, who runs a community waste recycling station, told reporters: “Recently, the amount of items recycled every day is almost a thousand catties, and most of the gifts sent by residents are in cardboard shells wrapped in gifts.”
   In the interview, most citizens said that although the food in gift boxes looks good, it is obviously not practical. Gift boxes at home will take up space, and in the end, they can only choose to sell or throw away.
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