Green Office Furniture Buying Guide: Make Your Office Greener with Eco-Friendly Chairs, Desks, and Furniture

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-05
What is office furniture Green?
Green office furniture is made of recyclable or renewable materials to reduce the impact on the environment.
The percentage of using these materials varies, but the higher the percentage, the more eco-friendly the furniture is.
This green office furniture purchase guide shows you what to look for when buying furniture, the costs associated with office products, and how the Environmental Protection Agency\'s environmental procurement plan allows government offices to purchase office furniture and supplies.
Look for furniture types for the percentage of recyclable material use and renewable or fast renewable material use.
Consider the service life of the product, whether it meets the air requirements, whether it has passed GreenGuard Certification, and whether the manufacturer is green.
Do not buy wood, especially wood with unsafe stains or paint.
Not all wood is bad though.
View forestry practices related to manufacturers.
Noel is an example of an industry leader in the production of green wood products.
They also use recycled materials in some products.
One indicator of real green office furniture is green certification.
GEI\'s GreenGuard Environmental Research Institute is a non-
Profit from rating the indoor air quality of certain products.
Some products have dangerous chemicals that allow mold growth, or other contaminants.
They are authorized developers certified by the National Standards Association of America.
Check out their rating system on the greenguard website. org.
The US Environmental Protection Agency Denver office only chose GreenGuard Certified office furniture for their new green building.
Ecowork EG is a good example of an environmental protection company
Provide safe, green office solutions.
The cost of green furniture when you want to buy green office furniture, how much can you really spend or almost how much.
The ergonomic green office chair costs $700.
Amazon or Costco also have green office chairs for less than $200.
Your expenses depend entirely on you.
Use the find section to help you select the greenest item and then use the price to make the final decision.
You may end up spending a little more on what\'s best for the environment, but the extra few bucks are worth it. Treehugger.
Com has a lot of posts about buying green products, including posts about green office chairs, green laptops, and green desks and workstations.
If your budget is very tight, take the reuse route.
It\'s always green to buy the old one.
There are also many places to buy refurbished office furniture.
It\'s as good as the new one, cheaper than the new one, and your purchase keeps it away from the landfill.
Again, don\'t throw away the office furniture you used, sell it or give it away.
The EPA\'s Environmental procurement program has led the US government to buy green products.
Office supplies and furniture are included.
Their website is filled with information that is very helpful to consumers, individuals or companies wishing to buy green products.
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