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Handicraft gift box a variety of beautiful appearance, handicraft gift box, custom make all kinds of mobile phone boxes, silk scarves

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-19
Arts and crafts gift box production process: 1, design, according to the requirements, the culture, and the characteristics of the product, etc. , design patterns. 2, proofing, according to the drawings, to produce the samples. Exquisite gift box look beautiful, so the production version of the color also is multifarious, usually a gift box design not only has four basic colors and a few color, such as gold and silver for the color. 2, handmade bamboo basket packaging, pure original, novel design, durable, low carbon environmental protection, can be widely used Yu Guo, fungi, eggs, food, gases, agricultural and sideline products, such as packaging. 3, choose cardboard, general cardboard box board are cardboard or to do it. Wine packing and gift packing box. How the thickness is 3 mm - 6 mm cardboard with artificial onlay outside decoration, adhesive to shape. 4, printing, gift box is only printing bag paper, pasting won't print, much is dyed, because the outer wooden gift box packaging, so the printing requirements process is very high, taboo color difference, ink, rotten version of these affect the shortcomings of aesthetic. Crafts gift box materials: (1) powder board: one side for one side white gray, the low price, Double paper: both sides are white, the price is on the high side. (2) according to the product shape and size of the decision to color box of materials. The blues paper, commonly used materials are: 280 g, 300 g the blues paper, 350 g the blues paper, 250 g the blues, 250 g double powder paper framed framed E pit E pit etc. (3) wooden box, box, leather box.
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