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【 Hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers] Teach you how to gift packaging, wooden gift box factory in hangzhou, hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers, arts and crafts gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-20
【 Hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers] Teach you how to gift packaging related recommendations: hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers, http://www. 中国- - - - - - hzht。 com/products- 细节。 asp吗? Cpid = 55 hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers to teach you how to packing gift: a, square items of sugar type packing method: 1. Cut wrapping paper growth is around the box + 2 ~ 3 cm length, width is the width of the box + 3 cm, with 2 up in paper. Will be on the right side of the paper along the fold inward into the box, and keep the paper in the edge of the box 3. Put on the left side of the paper folding inward into 4. With cellophane tape or double-sided tape to fix paper overlap 5. On both sides of the paper inside the box to the fold into 6. According to the order, fold the paper into a beautiful trapezoidal 7. Marks in the junction of origami gently up and down to 8. Keep markers and parallel to the edge, folding the paper 9 below. With double sided tape or with beautiful about joint fixed, then the other side, turn to positive box, decorated with ribbons and flowers just finished second, box packing method: 1. Ready to paper. First of all, as the chart shows, the positive out of the box, put in front of paper folded, covering three Angle 2. Second, as the chart shows, in the same position, the outside of the paper, to determine whether the three edge Angle is good, meet the conditions of 1, 2, down to 3. The front of the good with the publication of this paper box, the Angle of the line tightly stick around the box and edge finishing after 4 with adhesive plaster. Hold the position, as shown and then pour the boxes and wrapping paper to outside put together 5. Lift on the right side of the paper is also, tiejin box Angle of printing, and then, like the left, close to the box of Angle to the lateral fold, tidy up the Angle of box with tape. Put extra paper folded to the inside, and the positive pack 6. The paper under the right into the fold, form a neat line close to the box of Angle, can't let the outside paper erected on both sides to come to light, fixed, with duct tape and then tidy up front of the 7. Folded over the side of the lateral to the body of the paper, the excess of paper along the inward folding box edge, edge 8 with adhesive plaster. Turn to positive, the box packaging, tied ribbons or decorate the three, thin box tilt packaging methods: 1. Ready to paper, as shown, fold paper along the edge to the inside of the box, located in the horn of paper lifted the lid above 2. Then put behind the paper to the front, it is advisable to ensure that cover box all. If can not meet the conditions of 1, 2, paper size does not conform to the requirements. 3. Hold at the top of the Angle, put on the left side of the paper is folded, the extra paper cleanly and received the inside of the four. Tape will be above the fold Angle and on the left side of the fold of the Lord about fixed, put behind the paper also slowly up the box folded or 5. Redundant paper at the same time, in the box to the side over 6. On the right side of the paper can be used the same way as the left, under the premise of keep folding vertical fold paper inward into 7. The rest of the paper to the inside of the folded, tidy up 8. The extra edge horn to internal after folding, use double-sided adhesive can be fixed, and then on the box tie ribbons is completed
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