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Hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers which wooden gift box products?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
In this period of packaging, a lot of goods, are all need to pass the wooden gift box packaging, is a good commodity, and hangzhou heng tai wooden gift box manufacturers, as a factory with rich production experience, mainly producing all kinds of different types of wooden gift boxes, boxes, iron boxes and wooden packing box and so on. Hangzhou heng tai wooden gift box manufacturers packaging product line is wide, not only can make paper wooden gift boxes, also can produce wooden, wooden gift box of the cortex, besides this, you can also do other paper products, such as handbag, desk calendar, menus, folders, gift box and so on. These and fly packing factory, so customers have a higher viscosity. After the production of wooden gift box, not only appearance is delicate, but also more durable, can be long distance transportation, also it doesn't matter, can protect the product is not broken.
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