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Hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers, who dare and heng tai ratio

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
Hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers to tell me something about hangzhou wooden gift boxes for everyone on the design of the color of some characteristics. In general, good wooden packing box can give a person the feeling, shine at the moment and to a certain extent, can increase the added value of a product. So we choose the color of the wooden packing box of reference is what to do? First of all, if it is need for packaging food, can choose this kind of color is pink and yellow, can let a person feel close feeling, but will also appear more warm. And if you use dark brown and green are very good. In the beverage packaging, will choose the design of blue and green colors. On New Year's day, you will see a wooden gift boxes custom also can choose some bright colors, especially red. On the outer packing, in addition to the design of the main color, will also adopt some color lines and color design, it also can make the contents of the packaging must be outstanding. Keywords: hangzhou wooden gift box manufacturers
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