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Hangzhou wooden packing box manufacturer to tell you about' Leather box wooden box 】 Maintain the trick

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-25
Hangzhou wooden box factory at present, the main business leather boxes, wooden boxes, moon cake box, tea box, wine box, food box, gift box packaging, such as many varieties, novel styles, so produced by the different wooden packing box, what is its maintenance tips? Below small make up are summarized: 1, in general, the leather box above the wooden skin lifted the lid of the box, was not put too much things, this is for the sake of leather box crushed or go out of form. 2, you must to leather boxes, wooden packing box in a dry place, otherwise, leather organization easily by the tide, so that the deformation of mildew, mucilage release, metal parts are easy to rust. 3, not directly to the wooden box under the sun insolates, lest leather chaps, lost toughness, easy to broken. 4, be sure to frequently check, such as find leather dry, will be timely treatment. To sum up, the above content is explained in detail, leather boxes, wooden packing box of some tips to save, you still have what good advice, can be directly call advisory oh hangzhou wooden box manufacturer.
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