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Health care products packaging printing matters needing attention

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Also there are a lot of claims about health care products packaging printing, printing is different from the specialty paper, because of the specialty paper again after printing is not needed to achieve a certain effect, but because of the particularity of the paper. Generally may be higher, to the requirement of dark page printing color will be after several adjustments to achieve close to the desired effect. So still have certain difficulty, here is about some problems need to be aware of when printing. Is first and foremost, the attention of the ink in the process of the use of ink, it is important to note that the use of the same ink, if the ink mixing of different nature, both cannot mix, is bound to affect the quality of health care products packaging, cause damage. Second is to guarantee the stability of the ink, the ink is a kind of unstable elements, many factors affect the nature of the ink, so it is important to note that the main is to prevent sun point-blank, indoor temperature must stay well, too, can be in a 10 - 26 degrees Celsius. Is ink mixing problem again, because the ink need frequent stirring, otherwise it is easy to appear caking phenomenon, this will seriously affect the overall effect of the health care products packaging. But too much of a good thing, we also need to pay attention to not too diluted, because that would lead to the emergence of a color, so we should pay attention to join adjusted thickening agent. Play to the role of the water, water plays a role in the printing is very important, because water can control the ink viscosity, and also can balance the ph value. For example, we found that ph is out of eight in the process of printing. 5 - 9. 5 this scope, you need to add water.
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