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Heng tai 【 The moon cake wooden gift box 】 The design reflects the Mid-Autumn festival culture

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-17
Hangzhou heng tai packaging use elegant tonal collocation and delicate appearance modelling design wooden gift box of moon cakes, the introduction of the new moon cake box custom idea, realized the combination of moon cake packaging and beauty, which reflects the cultural characteristics of the Mid-Autumn festival. Moon cake wooden gift boxes in the design, find inspiration from the market, to find your moon cakes, but also into the moon cake production enterprises, fully understand the characteristics of moon cakes, quality, shape, accomplish know fairly well. Moon cakes as a local natural culture, has its regionality, when designing custom moon cake wooden gift boxes, needs to explore local culture connotation, from the text box design expression of moon cake packaging folk art important features. We make cakes wooden gift boxes, is not only to attract consumers from the appearance, more is that the kind of culture can reflect the Mid-Autumn festival.
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