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High-end gift box design to perfect need to abide by the principle

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-30
Now society is packaging, a high-grade packaging can help make product sales is higher. For the design of high-end gift box also gradually become a profession, in the industry, with the design requirements of high-end gift box is more and more primary, just pursue only make wooden box look generous, more emphasis on is able to highlight the characteristics of the product, to accept a gift of a person to be able to reflect the donor's good will. Designers of the high-end gift box as a successful, must want to have personal characteristics, but also can bring into the high-end gift box of the characteristics of the product. This is like is easy, but people can really do is little, only needs not talk is probably like this. We first need to understand the role of high-end gift box, high-end gift box is a kind of used for product packaging, protection products at the same time, the important is that it is a product's appearance, make it as a delicate gift sent out. So the production of high-grade gift box focus lies in the fact that the first to be able to play the role of protection products, the second have the effect of beautiful decoration. Production of high-grade gift box, the first step is to select material, gift box, its material is different. As generally used to hold wine gift box is made of cardboard, and like the moon cake gift box, most of them are made of iron. It seems that material is very important. When the production of high-grade gift box of the second step, carries on the shape design. The shape of the box has a lot of, have cylindrical, rectangles, some of them are sealed, some are flip, some are directly cover the lid, and so on. Different shapes have different benefits, high-grade gift box as a qualified designer, need the content of the product and to select the shape of the high-end gift box. Production of high-grade gift box of the third step, select the appropriate color and pattern. High-end gift box of color and design can influence consumers' desire to buy, like our Chinese New Year festival days, people like red, so it is used for the Spring Festival gifts, the best is have the appearance of bright red, like this only then can attract consumers to buy. No matter what to say, when in the design of high-end gift box must remember the high-end gift box design goal, only in this way, to keep the designer principle, to design the most appropriate, the most perfect high-end gift box. Most of the high-end gift box design in the market now there are still some disadvantages, the designer can pay attention to detail.
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