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High-end gift box it basically is classified according to the material

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-05
High-end gift box it is mainly according to the material classification: imitation annatto red wine gift box the gift box of the material is mainly refers to the high density board, and this kind of red wine gift box of the conventional design includes single, double pens, six pack and so on. And cortex of red wine gift box. The material of red wine gift box is mainly including PU, PVC and so on as the red wine gift box is divided into a pack, two pack, three, four, six pens and so on. Another carton packing material, the material is mainly include cardboard board paper, corrugated paper and so on material. Solid wood, and besides, density board box and so on are common red wine gift boxes of material. High-grade red wine gift box the classification of the classification of the red wine gift box, and we'll give you the red wine gift box of the production process, first of all, different capable person of red wine gift box of the craft that make different, such as red wine gift box carton processing technology, including the selection of materials, wine box printing chromatic number, production process, the wine box printing and so on several most. And wooden high-grade red wine gift box production process including the cutting board, printing logo, wooden box, the installation of assembly and polishing and wooden box hinge and so on several most. Actually different material high-grade red wine gift box the craft is different, must be specific issue concrete analysis, cannot treat as the same. Processing technology and classification of high-grade red wine gift box still has a lot of where we need to explore, in the hereafter have time to discuss together.
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