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High-end gift box production process

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-11
Gift box of the production process are much more complicated than the folding carton, folding carton after processing is usually by printing - - - - - - Surface finishing ( Hot stamping silver pressed, laminating, local UV, excitation convex, etc. ) - - - - - - - - - - - - Die cutting - - - - - - - Pasting box - - - - - - - Test - - - - - - - Packing is complete. It is the printing - the gift box of the production process - - - - - - Surface finishing - - - - - - - Die cutting - outsourcing - - - - - - Grey board die-cutting - - - - - - - Grey board slot - - - - - - - Grey board molding - - - - - - - Pasting - outsourcing - - - - - - Assembly - - - - - - - Test - - - - - - - Packing is complete. From the two kinds of product process, gift box process process complexity, process standards far higher than that of folding cartons. Common high-end gift box in our daily life, most of the package material is paper, and paper surface is the most suitable application more processing, so here is to print to a process for fabrics. 1. Paper choice according to the customer file design requirements and should reflect the effect, the choice of the paper is very important. The main consideration: (1) the type of paper, such as using coated paper, art paper, pearl paper? (2) the thickness of the paper. Paper can't be too thick, thick pasting wrinkle easily, but also cannot too thin, excitation convex effect won't be able to reflect. (3) considering surface decorative effect. 2. Surface decorative surface decoration is very, very much, the most common are offset printing, and then on the basis of all kinds of process are: (1) the reverse polish; (2) the effect of ( Light film, dumb film, tactility film, scratch resistant film, etc. ) ; (3) hot stamping ( Gold, red gold, Mosaic gold, silver, laser, etc. ) ; (4) local scraping the UV oil or silk screen printing ink; (5) special seven colored powder; 6 IP convex; All landowners embossing and so on. 3. The choice of the grey board gray paper referred to as 'grey board, is composed of a recycled paper production. Mainly divided into single ash, ash, total ash, highlights, according to customer requirements for surface roughness. It belongs to the environmental protection packaging materials, quantitative from 250 g to 10000 g, the thickness is 0. 4 mm to 20 mm, thickness and quantitative even unlimited, generally according to box specification size and choose appropriate specifications of grey board. 4. Die-cutting die-cutting, is an important part of the process, special gift box, higher technical requirements of die cutting, precision and accuracy decides the quality of the products, some error directly influences the quality of the subsequent processing. 5. Slot slot is in 1 ~ 4 mm thick grey board with a slot machine out of V groove, generally keep zero. Around 25 mm connection layer, V groove is Angle, generally 90 degrees, 120 degrees, or according to the product of v-groove structure on different angles. Slot is a critical step in gift boxes production, in front of the grey board molding, must to v-shape out of grey board, so as to achieve grey board after bending, straight side, angular, four corners fit precision. 6. Pasting framed, gift box process must be in the process, it is according to the requirements of different products, will bond paper, art paper, wool, leather glue or glue by gluing machine, with the grey board stick together tightly, 2 for one, so that grey board surface looks new look, not only beautify the appearance of the box body, and improve the added value of the box. The usual packing box are framed before die cutting, pasting alone class gift box is mounted after die cutting first, the purpose: it is afraid of outsourcing material stained, affect beautiful; After second, gift boxes pay attention to the overall effect of harmony, framed to completely will tend to support the body completely covered, make the grey board gray by novel design outsourcing material package, presented to us is a beautiful work of art; Three are some complex box type, still need manual paperhanging, this is not a machine can't replace, but to the box body by hand every detail framed stick in place, so that the outside pasting and grey board paste more closely.
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