02 wooden wine box

High-grade wine box in the choice of the material is very important

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-21
The choice of high-grade wine box packaging materials, paper container, Paper boxes, paper tubes) Still dominate, leather, wood, plastic, metal materials increased than in the past, the proportion of the natural materials such as bamboo, willow, grass still use fewer. According to its natural and cultural temperament. The wine packaging design and the harmony of wine culture. Paper cartons and occupies the absolute advantage in the container, according to different alcohol level, the material selection of also have difference: 1, cheap wine packaging carton above a, use 350 grams of white cardboard printing effect ( Plastic film) , die-cutting forming. B, some high-grade with, use 300 grams of white slabs onlay into paper card printing, laminating, die-cutting forming again. 2, mid-range wine packaging carton printing surface more than the 250 grams - 300 grams (aluminum foil paper Commonly known as gold, silver, copper, etc. ) With about 300 grams of whiteboard paper to the onlay paperboard, printing effect of die cutting forming again.
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