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High-grade wooden wine gift box in color mixing, what should you pay attention to?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-26
Now faced with different packing gift box, with different material. Many factories in the production and processing, will be based on customer's products and characteristics, and so on related factors, to choose suitable for the material of products. As a result, more adaptable to the majority of merchants of gift box products, also let the help of merchants to obtain more reliable. In the face of different material raw materials, at the time of processing and packaging box, will have different cutting methods below we will learn about the together, various cutting methods about machining of gift box: 1, fault cutting methods such as cutting method is more common, in simple terms, at the time of processing and packaging box, can choose laser technology, such as through high-speed cutting, heating or other methods. We will be the cutting method, usually referred to as fracture cutting method. In the whole process of operation, main control related laser heating area, and then according to the form of crack packaging gift boxes, for cutting. 2 cutting methods such as cutting method, oxidation, usually for some special use. In simple terms, is the use of inert gas, processing of packaging gift box will then need in certain light under high temperature and irradiation. After will be more oxygen to produce a series of chemical reactions, thus, oxidation of cutting processing can effectively to achieve. 3, vaporization cutting methods such as cutting method in various industries, are very common. Using high-tech laser beam as a process, make relevant gift box after absorb the laser energy, raw materials to produce a series of melt fracture, and so on. Thus the use of such phenomena, achieve cutting processing technology. Because of this method is more popular, so can be seen in many industries. For cutting of gift box, packing gift box is a direct impact on the appearance and elegant. We suggest to order the packing box of friends, must choose a professional normal manufacturer, such not only can bring themselves more exquisite packaging, to the design of the packing box, will also have better ideas and qualities. For more information on gift box, welcome to inquire at any time.
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