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High temperature pest control technology for wooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The prevention and control of pests in wooden box packaging is an arduous task. It must be based on the principles of safety, economy and effectiveness.
Based on prevention and comprehensive prevention. According to pest’s living habits and living environment conditions, artificially control and create pests
The unfavorable factors of insects come to control their growth, development and spread or directly eliminate pests. Anti-insect packaging technology is
Various physical methods or chemical agents have been used to act on the body of pests, destroying the physiological functions and body structure of pests.
To transform its living environment, promote the death of pests or suppress the reproduction of pests, to achieve the purpose of pest control.
Wooden box manufacturers use higher temperature to control the development and reproduction of pests in terms of high temperature pest control technology.
This method has been widely used and has a good effect of preventing insects and killing insects. Because when the ambient temperature rises to 40-45 degrees
, the metabolic activities of the general pests will be flocculated, and the growth, development and reproduction will end up in varying degrees.
Stop the phenomenon, but can maintain vitality; when the temperature rises to 45-55 degrees, the general pests are in a heat coma state, and the body The metabolic rate of
increase, if the time lasts for a long time, the pests will die in large numbers. The high temperature insecticidal effect is not only due to damage
The type and stage of the insect vary, and it differs with the type and moisture content of the contents, the time of exposure to high temperature, and the
Factors such as temperature performance are closely related.
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