03 wooden picture frame

Highlights standard of wooden packing box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-14
Understand after highlights what is meant by the understanding of the highlights of wooden box is simpler, its surface is blotted out the specular paint, specular paint with good fullness, three-dimensional effect nature, high gloss, etc. So that highlights the wooden packing box is not only beautiful and smooth, high-grade, and durable. The so-called & other; Highlights throughout the &; Refers to the light irradiation to the object and into people's eyes, people can see objects that point is high, the brightest note that highlights is not a light, but refers to that part of the object on the brightest. And highlights in the painting world mean picture tune the brightest a point, is part of the refraction of light source object, see more at the texture is smooth object.
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