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by:Vitalucks      2020-06-05
How can the development of technology and PC market promote the design and sales of home office furniture?
One of the best ways to track the world ---
In addition to reading transactions--
Is taking advantage of Comdex\'s news that Comdex is the most important annual technology and computer trade show in the country just held in Las Vegas.
Although the furniture company did not exhibit at the exhibition (
Some computer accessories companies like Fellowes do exhibitions)
Many furniture producers want to participate in Comdex.
\"I wish I could go to Comdex but you can\'t find a hotel room,\" said Hank Long, executive vice president of merchandise sales at Va Martinsville. -
Headquartered in Hook furniture, it is a manufacturer of new belief Popcorn Home Office cocoon series home office furniture.
If you can\'t find Comdex, the next best thing to do is to keep up with breaking news by visiting a website with free information from suppliers (www.
Virtualpressoffice. com;
Register on the website).
At least in this way, you will know that the computer is getting bigger and bigger, smaller and smaller, more and more wireless, less and less wireless, more and more flat, thinner and thinner, fatter and more round or completely disappeared ---
All factors that affect the design of home office furniture.
\"Now, we are looking at the increasingly popular low
Cost of scanners and tablets
Screen technology may affect the way we design our home office furniture . \"
What brings Comdex a huge wave?
In all things the PC is disappearing!
Just as furniture makers began to figure out how to install giant furniture
The size display and the higher tower, plus all the carry-on items on the table, didn\'t make it super-
Computer makers say they may focus on markets outside the PC market.
The big story of Comdex is not necessarily the latest, biggest, worst computer, but the smallest, more compact \"information device \".
\"What is Information appliances (IA)
How does it affect home office furniture?
Think of kitchen utensils or enhanced PDA when you think of IA (
Personal digital assistant, like pocket pilot)
You have this concept.
They are cheap.
PC devices that connect you to the Internet without complex software.
Some look like a phone, large calculator, or etchingA-
Sketch, each one is much lower than a typical PC.
They are not meant to save data, but to access the internet anywhere, at any time, but on a small scale.
The monthly service user fee is approximately $200;
Plug directly into the phone jack or socket;
Moreover, after opening, the user can access the Internet.
The PC industry is worried that information devices can easily enter nearly 50% of the U. S. market. S.
Home without a computer. (
But keep in mind that the technology industry is excited about how cheap Internet TV can attract couch potatoes, but this has never happened despite Microsoft\'s efforts. )
If the concept of IA starts, it means that the furniture market may be further subdivided.
Users of information devices represent a new market category and they need smaller
Home office furniture.
Moreover, IA users may not work at home or have children of heavy computer users (
Children like the software that comes with the computer).
However, they still need a home office setup that can be used comfortably (
Think about glare and ergonomics)
Store IA
This may be a delicate market segment, but care should be taken as soon as the company starts marketing IA seriously.
Practical Home Office Solutions written by Marilyn Zelinsky and new Workstyles for new workplaces.
She can reach marilynhfn @ aol. com.
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