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How about the quality management implemented in Vitalucks?
Quality management is fully and strictly implemented in Qingdao Vitalucks Trade Co.,Ltd. We not only set up a comprehensive quality management mechanism but also a set of standards to evaluate the effects after implementing the mechanism. Though it spent much time and effort at the very beginning of quality management implementation, we still ensure the full execution of the measures. Our employees are fully trained to be qualified for the operation of quality management. In the next stage, we decide to optimize the measures to further improve manufacturing efficiency.

With its high-tech machines and methods, Vitalucks is now a leader in the wall mounted shelves sector. The wall mounted shelves series is widely praised by customers. The product is highly resistant to stains. It has been treated with soil release finishing agent during the production to enhance its stains handling capacity. All of its materials are recyclable, facilitating carbon emission reduction. It is evident that it has a very wide range of marketing application perspective. Its quality is fully recognized by FSC.

Vitalucks has won recognition from more customers due to the excellent service. Please contact us!
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