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How can I visit Vitalucks factory?
Qingdao Vitalucks Trade Co.,Ltd offers tours of our manufacturing facilities. The factory address and other contact information are listed at the "Contact Us" page. We believe that factory visits allow us to share best practices with our partners or to benchmark the performance and practices. We can glean deeper insight into customer needs which can cause product changes and innovation. From our customers perspective, they will have the opportunity to see projects that are not online or in the catalog. We are always working on special projects. Being at the factory allows customers to see our flexibility and ability to adapt to unique applications first hand.

The Vitalucks brand is a leader in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of the industry. The wall mounted shelves series is widely praised by customers. Tested on several parameters of quality, the provided storage basket is available at pocket-friendly prices for the clients. All of its materials are recyclable, facilitating carbon emission reduction. The market share of the product has increased significantly. With a high uniformity, it features a high level of flatness.

Our desire is to promote the global popularity of the Vitalucks brand. Check now!
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