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How much do you know the kinds of jewelry boxes?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-12
Jewelry is a woman's life indispensable decorations, scattered in a wide range of jewelry to receive is a troubling problem, so you need a fine jewelry boxes to your beloved jewelry collection. Asked the little space university, pick up a suitable jewelry box, not only can help you to receive jewelry, also can let you enjoy the small endowment the romantic life. How much do you know that speak of jewelry boxes for it? Don't know? That it doesn't matter, today small make up to you to introduce the types of jewelry boxes, watch the hello! 1, paper box manufacturer jewelry boxes carton currently on the market are generally made of plate paper, coated a layer of pasting, pasting in general is a double copper paper plasticity is very strong. This kind of box relative price is cheaper, more general silver ornaments in the store. Of course, some do tall, some paper jewelry boxes will appear in the jewelry store. As a packaging manufacturer, pine and packaging received orders are in the majority with paper. 2, jewelry box flocking flocking quality jewelry box is plastic as the main structure, surface flocking, looks more beautiful, also lighter. Flocking box than carton relatively high-grade. General and silver ornaments, gold etc. With this. 3, colloid jewelry boxes such as jewelry boxes generally adopt injection molding processing, open mold production, generally is tens of thousands of demand, more is given priority to with flocking, also have pasting processing, the material price lowest jewelry boxes, level relative is not very low, is currently the most jeweler's first choice. 4, wooden jewelry boxes, jewelry boxes of real wood is a high-end jewelry packaging used, generally with real wood as the main materials, spray paint processing, many companies use this kind of solid wood box export abroad. Volume is not large, but the production cycle is long, the price is too expensive. 5, vitreous jewelry boxes made of organic glass is not easy to be broken, wear resistance, and corrosion protection, glass jewelry boxes and fashionable element, the combination of gives full-bodied times, and modern atmosphere. This kind of box is a high-end jewelry is commonly used in packaging. This kind of material of jewelry boxes tend to deserve to go up in the process of using some flowers or green plants, looks very advocate natural, give a person the sense to stick to enrage and let a person feel the dust flying. , of course, in addition to the above according to the material classification, and a method of classification, that is the production process, as they probably can be divided into two categories, one is the technology of jewelry boxes, one is the mechanism of jewelry boxes, relatively speaking is far the price difference between them. After all craft jewelry boxes made of men's hands, time-consuming, fine handwork, and mechanism, it is faster. Relatively sure no mobile phone production craft jewelry boxes to fine, so is it or is it, have to depend on their needs and hobbies to choose.
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