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How much do you know wooden cigar box of tricks?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-10
1. Material choice: the best cigar moisturizing will choose Spanish cedar wood, used to keep the humidity. Remember, you choose wood with cigar box is directly related to the ability to maintain humidity, and temperature. Spanish cedar crystal is by far the best heat insulation effect, mahogany is also a good choice, but as time goes on, it will not provide as much protection as the Spanish cedar wood, from the tobacco beetle and worms; 2. There are many different types of cigar humidor, each with different shapes and sizes. After confirm good materials, therefore, choosing the best size cigar humidor is also very important. Remember, if you select the size doesn't fit the cigar box ( Too big or too small) , you will not be able to correct maintenance equipment temperature or humidity. If the cigar box is too small, you will be forced to cigar plug together, this may affect their taste. If it is too big, you will not be able to maximize your cigar box of interior space, and all the extra moisture is likely to be absorbed by the cigar rather than stay in the best state. 3. You are a man who often travel? Such as cabinet or enter type model for large cigar humidor, you have a portable humidor? If so, please consider a portable cigar box, because they are light weight, small volume, can bring it with you. They are more suitable for those who want to carry in the home or keep cigars to move from one room to another room within the cigar box at the same time maintain a fresh man. 4. In general, cigar humidors cannot leave the two parts, hygrometer and thermometer, the two parts for cigar holder is crucial, because they can tell you, cigar in your cigar humidors environment. They make your life easier, because they can tell you when the humidity or temperature too high or too low. 5. Want a cigar in a constant temperature and humidity environment comfortable to alcoholize, cigar humidor sealing is crucial, detection of a cigar box sealing, of course, is also very simple, night time open the phone flashlight into the cigar box, cover, if there is no light out from the cigar box and that the cigar humidor sealing is good, on the other hand is about to consider.
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