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How to avoid wooden boxes appear off color need?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-08
For need packaging products, if printed in color, with the color of the samples have the very big difference, it would be a huge problem, will directly affect the product image, corporate reputation will be damaged, can reduce people's expectations of the product, resulting in a loss of the overall value of the products, so the wooden boxes custom to pay attention to the color difference of product wooden packing box can't be too big. So how should avoid wooden packing box occurrence chromatism problem? Let heng tai packaging manufacturer to simple analysis. 1, there is a deviation is the color of the print and proofing; Namely we often say the printing overtake proofing, the reason such as ink, paper, network reduction problems. 2, is the same print before and after the internal color has a certain degree of inconsistency; Difference is objective existence, printing machinery itself has been difficult to solve the problem. 3, is printed in color printing products with real color itself there is a deviation. In wooden packing box customization process accurately, it is impossible to print the color of the finished product and proofing completely consistent, proofing is just as a reference standard, wooden packing box custom manufacturer should add a: at the bottom of the printed matter in this print color is for reference only, color in kind prevail, wooden packing box custom manufacturer for the product color difference are also very seriously, try to avoid wooden boxes appear off color.
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